The Town of Tymes - 2010 / 2013

Welcome to the Town of Tymes! The year is 1990 and Karen Finch and her little brother Austin are your average bored teenagers. This isolated coastal town offers little to do now that summer is over and it's back to school. It's just another year in Tymes- until a rambunctious crew of "Teddies" appears out of nowhere wreaking havoc! As the town is swarmed with little mongrels, Karen and Austin find themselves right in the middle of it. Written and drawn by Erik Reichenbach, this is the first 118 page graphic novel of the small town time-travelling epic!

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The Wizard of War - 2013 / 2014

The Wizard of War picks up with Dorothy Gale, 13 years after her trip to Oz, enrolled at Nebraska State University studying criminal psychology. Her vivid recollections of Oz both haunt and fascinate her; could the visions and characters she had met as a child be real? When a freak tornado sweeps her up she finds herself again in the World of Oz, only this time things have gone terribly arry. Either the dream world of her youth has drastically changed; or her psychosis has matured.

Coming This Fall!

Starving, for Attention - 2013

When Ethan, a lowly fast-food employee, is contacted to compete on a reality television show he can only think of the money. $100,000 dollars is a lot for only a month of work and a free vacation! After finding himself on a deserted island with a handful of wanna-bees, never-where's, and totally unbalanced crazies Ethan quickly realizes he's signed on for more then he bargained for. This is a comic look at what happens when human dysfunction is left to run wild, leading one to question the true nature of "reality" in reality television.

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The Pope Show - 2014

It's real simple. The Pope is a sloth. His body guard butlers are orangoutangs. He gets drunk. He parties. He's registered with the NRA. He's always messing up things for the Catholic Church. If you don't get it, that's okay. The Pope is coming; rejoice filthy sinners!

View the trailer online at Youtube!


Seed of Sam - 2013 / 2014

Sam Burton is your average do-nothing teenager. Sam's sperm on the other hand are highly trained warrior seeds of inception dedicated to impregnating an attractive female to pass on Sam's lineage. This is the story of Sam and his Sperm as they search for their own happiness, purpose, and perhaps a fertile egg. A Haphazard ridiculous look at the confusing and most times hilarious dialougue between a hormonal boy and his uncontrollable bodily urges. But its funny, not creepy. You can see it online at Erik's Deviant Art page by clicking the cover image at the left!


Easy Chair, Vol. 1 - 2006 to 2011

A collection of short stories; including a tale about drinking too much, a disfunctional Thanksgiving dinner, and the God of Style at Lyndsey Lohan's party. Most are pointless, some are funny, but all drawn in a different style and tone and packaged in this crappily made 1st volume. I pride myself on the half-assedness of this collection!

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Light! - 2015

When Tom, Tammy, and Rachel enter the Funhouse at Sunside City they don't realize they are entering a different world. A terrifying, confusing world, narrated by a crazed and homocidal clown with a fascination with the Cinema. Memories and past episodes of televsion start to blend together for Tom and people start dying; over, and over, and over. A psychological and philisophical look at funhouse within a slasher story inside a comic book. What do you see?

Coming next year!

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